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ranian Center for International Criminal Law (“ICICL”) was established in 2015 under Dutch Law as a None-Governmental Organization (“NGO”). ICICL is seated at The Hague, in the Netherlands, as the city of peace and justice.

The profound significance of notable achievements of international criminal justice, besides the inaction of Persian-speaking societies in the field, encouraged us to establish a center specialized in international criminal law (“ICL”), thereby promoting global justice within the foregoing societies.



ICICL works globally and regionally to ensure Persian-speaking societies are updated on ICL literature and, are committed to international criminal justice goals, and are sensitive to and supporters of victims of atrocities all over the world.


Key Objectives

ICICL aims at accomplishing these prime objectives:

  1. Promoting international criminal justice and fostering the awareness of its developments in Persian-speaking societies;
  2. Supporting victims of international crimes across the globe;
  3. Serving a leading role in promoting global justice.



The major achievements of ICICL so far could be referred to as follows:

  1. Running the official website of ICICL as an online source for studying international criminal justice, in particular the International Criminal Court (“ICC”), in Persian. The website includes various sections, including news, articles, database and events. By 2019, nearly 530 posts had been published on
    1. Being an active member of “Coalition of the International Criminal Court”.
    2. Cooperating with Center of “International Law Research And Policy” and “International Nuremburg Principles Academy” in the “Lexsitus” project, which, inter alia, offers several lectures by leading experts on the Rome Statute in Persian.
    3. Partnering with “Ibero-American Institute of The Hague (IIH)” in organizing the annual event of “Polyphonic Day on International Justice”.
    4. Participating in annual meeting of the ICC Assembly of States Parties sessions, in The Hague or New York, as the only Iranian NGO attending the sessions since 2015.
    5. Having published “A Handbook on the International Criminal Court” in Persian in Iran.
    6. Organizing and running several webinars (online courses) on the International Criminal Court for Persian-speaking students.
    7. Receiving book donations from some publishers, including “Oxford University Press”, in order to establish a specialized library of ICL sources in Iran,
    8. Cooperating with “Leiden Summer School” and “IMPACT” in order to facilitate Iranian candidates’ participation in their courses.
    9. Being in connection with the “ICC Victims Participation and Reparation Section” with regard to the situation in Afghanistan.


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