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The establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC), as the first and only permanent criminal court at the international level was a turning point in the history of international criminal justice.


In the post-ICC era, following its establishment in 1998, all national criminal legal systems are subject to the wide catalyzing effects of the ICC. The relationship between the Court and the national legal system is such that they influence each other. The ICC as a global institution draws upon national legal traditions to make a plural legal system. On the other hand, many national systems also incorporate some provisions from the ICC legal system into their systems. Globalization is a real feature of our today’s world and all nations can contribute to this process.


"Iranian Center for International Criminal Law" (ICICL) is the first center for international criminal law studies in Persian. The center is registered as a foudnation (NGO) in the Hague, the Netherlands and enjoys a legal personality.This center aims to produce, publish and promote literature on international criminal law, in particular matters relating to the ICC, in Iranian society. Iran is not a state party to the Court and the founding Rome Statute, although the Statute has already been signed by the Iranian government. Despite this fact, in international criminal law studies among Iranian scholars and students is increasing. The establishment of this center is a response to this trend.


This website is composed of various sections: News (publishing the latest from international tribunals), Articles (shorts papers on international criminal law by Iranian authors), the Database (legal texts and case law of the ICC) , Calendar, Events and Book Introduction. 


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